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"Selma takes care of everything"

Sonja Egger
by: Sonja Egger3 min read

We asked our client Sophie about her views on Selma and her experiences with investing. 💸

Hi Sophie, why don't you tell us a bit about yourself?

Sophie: Hi, my name is Sophie. 👋 I grew up in Switzerland but my roots are in Belgium and England.

At the moment I work as a product manager for UBS. Next to that, I am also involved in a foundation in Ethiopia, which provides education for children in need. I love to spend my free time with my friends and loved ones.

What experiences have you had with investing in the past?

Sophie: To be honest, Selma was my first investment experience. I always thought about starting to invest and even though I knew how to invest in theory, because of my work, I didn't have the courage to get started with it.

I was aware that I should not keep all my savings in a bank account, but at the same time, I was also afraid of doing something wrong.

How did you get to know Selma?

Sophie: I got to know Selma through LinkedIn. Selma's team contacted me to ask for some early feedback. The message I received was very friendly and catchy. So I took a closer look.

Selma's website gave me a great impression immediately. It was simple, smart, and friendly. This was exactly the kind of service that I was missing and looking for. The team took my feedback into account right away. I became Selma's client pretty fast.

What would you say makes Selma different?

Selma is fresher, younger, and easier than the rest. Selma takes care of everything for me so that I don't need to do it. There are no negative surprises as the fees are very clearly presented. 

What really made a big difference, for me, was Selma's close contact with customers. Even though it is an online investment service, there is a great foundation of trust as you can easily get to know the team at one of Selma's events.

What could Selma improve?

Sophie: At the moment, I am very happy with Selma. I think the risk assessment at the start is something that could be tweaked a bit. The chat is already very nice, but the answers depend on your mood and situation.

Could this be improved in a creative way?

Bonus question - what is your investment tip? 🌟

Sophie: Just start! 😃 It needs a bit of willpower to finally get started, but once you do, you will see that it pays off.

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