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Put your money to work for you

An investment needs time to grow, so the longer your money is in the market, the more chances you have to grow your investments. Invest for the long run and take full advantage of the benefit of compounding interest.

Common account180.000 CHF
Investing account558.000 CHF
Monthly deposit of 500 CHF
Graph representing the growing of your savings across the years.

Chart is a hypothetical comparison and shows you the development of your investments with an average return of 7% per year. Investing comes always with the risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed. Learn more in our FAQs.

Invest your money based on your plan

With a monthly standing order you can enjoy life without thinking about your investments.

  • Chat with Selma

    Chat with Selma

    You get your account, IBAN and your personal investment plan.

  • Set up a standing order

    Set up a standing order

    A standing order can help you to not forget about your investments.

  • Lean back

    Lean back

    Every time your transfer arrives, the money is automatically invested.

Monthly investing pays off.

With a monthly investment you take full advantage of compound interest and grow your wealth gradually.

  • ETF savings plan, but personalised

    Starting at 2'000 CHF, you get a full-blown investment plan that fits your life. Selma chooses products for you and expands your plan automatically, with every monthly transfer.

  • Reduce your risk

    Investing monthly will get you a better average purchase price. Over time, you will, on average, buy more when it's cheap and less when it is expensive.

  • One monthly fee covers everything

    Monthly investing is covered by the monthly Selma fee. This way you are free to decide what kind of investing setup fits your life best.

  • Join 70% of Selma's investors

    A big part of Selma's investors are investing monthly to save for the future because it fits their life best to invest via a standing order and let Selma do the work.

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Set up your savings plan

Chat with Selma to get your individual plan and open your account!