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Wealth management made simple

The larger your wealth grows, the more complex it gets to manage your investments. Let Selma take over. Learn about Selma's services for 150'000 CHF or more.

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Tailored investing, effortlessly managed by Selma

This is how it works:
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    Get a personalised setup call with an expert

    Start by signing up for Selma to get an individual plan. Then, book a call with one of Selma's financial experts and review your portfolio and deposit plan together.

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    Diversify your investments to fit your needs

    The more assets you have, the more complex your situation becomes. Selma creates your long-term portfolio that matches your situation and your personal needs.

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    Optimise through AI-powered financial advice

    With the support of AI, Selma guides you through your financial journey, providing helpful tips, analyses, and answers to your questions along the way.

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    Let Selma manage your wealth

    The financial world and your life are in constant change. Selma keeps an eye on both and automatically rebalances your portfolio to ensure your risks stay in check.

Selma Finance Experts

Meeting you where you're at

Selma's team of experts is always looking forward to helping you. Book a call, reach out via live chat and email, or head to the help center to find answers by yourself.

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Let Selma manage your wealth for you

Free up time and let Selma watch over your investments, so you can relish life's moments without missing a beat in your financial growth.

  • 360° view of your investments

    At Selma we fine-tune your investment plan to your life's journey, ensuring your investments are in perfect balance with you.

  • A truly diversified portfolio

    Selma builds your investments based on a global market portfolio. Helping you to efficiently spread your risk across the globe and asset classes.

  • Automated rebalancing & risk management

    Your life and the financial market are never standing still. Selma keeps an eye on both and manages your investments automatically.

  • Protected by Swiss banks 🇨🇭

    Your money is stored at your personal bank accounts with Selma's partner banks Saxo Bank (Switzerland) and VZ Vermögenszentrum in Switzerland.

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Questions you may have

Is now a good time to invest?

Nobody can predict how the financial market will develop in the coming days or months. However, time in the market beats always timing the market. Therefore, today is a perfectly good day to start if you plan to invest for the long term. We recommend investing regularly (for example monthly). This way you can spread your risk and build up your wealth over time.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit Selma's FAQs or reach out to our team of experts via live chat.

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