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Do good with your money

With Selma, you can invest in sustainable products and make sure your investment mix only includes companies that go an extra mile to do good.

Get your sustainable plan
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Follow a sustainable strategy

Selma makes sure you will always get the right mix of investment products that fit to your life and plans.

Invest in companies that are committed to

  • Reduce their carbon footprint
  • Keep water usage low
  • Sustainable raw material
  • Support CleanTech
  • Use renewable energy
  • Support diversity
  • Pay fair salaries

Avoid companies that face scandals with

  • Environmental issues
  • Customer protection
  • Labour
  • Human rights
  • Bribery and fraud

Leave out companies that deal with

  • Weapons and firearms
  • Tobacco and alcohol
  • Gambling/ adult entertainment
  • GMO's
  • Nuclear power 
or thermal coal
  • Sustainable investing is challenging

    Sustainable investing is challenging

    There's no universal way to define it. The idea of what sustainability means changes with time. Finding good companies is tricky, and keeping an eye on how well companies behave is even harder.

    Selma will do her best, so you can do good. The market for sustainable investment products is growing and evolving quickly. We are constantly on the lookout for the best options to cover your values in the best way possible while keeping your risks and costs low.

  • What is ESG Investing?

    What is ESG Investing?

    ESG Investing refers to investing which prioritizes optimal environmental, social, and governance factors or outcomes. It is widely seen as a way of investing “sustainably” —where investments are made with consideration of the environment and human wellbeing, as well as the economy.

Make sure your investments match your values

Invest for the long run at Selma while helping build a better world.

  • ESG certified investment products

    Invest only in companies that meet high ESG sustainability standards. Monitored by external rating agencies.

  • Spread your risks and invest across the globe

    Don’t put your money on a single horse. Selma makes sure you spread your investments around the globe while investing based on ESG sustainability criteria.

  • Keep your costs low

    Sustainable investing doesn’t need to be expensive. The most cost–effective investment products will be selected for you, so you don’t waste any money.

  • Invest without an effort

    Selma keeps an eye on your overall financial situation and manages your investments for you. So, you can focus on living instead of worrying about your money.

Questions you might have about sustainable investing

How does Selma chose sustainable products?

In order to deliver a sustainable investment option paired with a solid and personalised risk approach, and invest your money into a very broad mix of investments, Selma chose ESG rated ETFs – investment products which include investments in many companies and follow certain markets around the world.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Our team of experts will help with your questions via live chat or visit our FAQs.

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Start investing your money sustainably

Invest daily in an easy and relaxed way without complicated financial jargon or hidden fees.