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Invest for years to come

Selma puts together your individual investment plan and manages your money for you – for years to come. Get started in a few minutes, completely online.

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An investment plan that fits to your life for decades

Selma, your digital financial assistant, keeps an eye on the markets and trades for you.
  • Start with an investor profile

    Start with an investor profile

    Selma figures out what kind of low-cost, ready-to-buy investment mix fits your financial situation while keeping an eye on your financial life —your savings, mortgages, apartments you own and other investments you have, and makes sure your risk and investments keep fitting your life. When you update your investor profile, Selma checks and makes sure your plan still fits your life.

  • Automatically get a broad, global plan

    Get a global investment plan

    To manage risk well, it's best to spread your investments around the world, but also across different asset classes. Selma's investment plans are set up with Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) and include shares, bonds, precious metals, real estate and private equity – the mix depends on your investor profile.

  • Hand over the management

    Hand over the management

    When markets or valuations of markets around the world move, Selma adjusts your investments. No need to scan financial newspapers, your digital assistant enjoys her hobby and keeps calculating what's best for your money. She also buys or sells if long-term calculations decide it's best.

  • Automate investing large sums

    Automate investing large sums

    Selma automatically splits your investments over months to make sure you get the best possible average purchase price. This allows you to invest a larger sum without a lot of planning on your side and just watch while Selma puts your money to work.

    Learn more about larger sums
  • Opt for sustainable investments

    Opt for sustainable investments

    Would you like to do make sure your money supports "good" organisations while invested? At Selma you have the option to turn on a filter which excludes certain companies. Let Selma know about your preference, she will adapt your plan.

    Learn more about sustainability

Your personal investor for one monthly fee

Get your friendly personal digital investor to take care of your investments for one monthly payment.

  • Start from 2'000 CHF

    And add money starting from 100 CHF.

  • Up to 95% stocks

    Selma recommends a plan that fits your investor profile and your overall financial situation. In case a higher risk level fits you well, Selma excludes bonds from your plan and increases the share of stocks to 95%.

  • Invest how it fits you best

    Monthly or occasionally. Your money is automatically invested as soon as you transfer it to your account.

  • Secure bank account

    The account in your name, and your money kept by Saxo Bank.

  • Low-cost investments

    Invest in stock listed ETFs that keep your costs low.

  • Covered by a simple monthly fee

    A transparent fee that covers it all.

  • All online

    Open an account in minutes. 
Available for +18 years old Swiss residents.

  • Take out money without cost

    Withdraw or close your account at any time. It usually takes 3–4 days until investments are sold and transferred back to you.

  • See what's happening at any time

    Keep an eye on all transactions Selma is doing for you 24/7. 
Access your account via web and mobile.

Put your money to work for you

An investment needs time to grow, so the longer your money is in the market, the more chances you have to grow your investments. Invest for the long run and take full advantage of the benefit of compounding interest.

Common account180.000 CHF
Investing account558.000 CHF
Monthly deposit of 500 CHF
Graph representing the growing of your savings across the years.

Chart is a hypothetical comparison and shows you the development of your investments with an average return of 7% per year. Investing comes always with the risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed. Learn more in our FAQs.

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