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The simplest way to start investing

Let your money work for you. With Selma you get an individual investment plan that fits you. Start with just 2’000 CHF.

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Start investing in 4 quick steps

One, two, and go...

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    Chat with Selma

    Let’s talk about your financial situation and investment goals.

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    Get your plan

    Selma crafts a personal investment plan that is tailored to you.

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    Open your account

    All you need is your ID or passport and your smartphone.

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    Lean back

    And let Selma do the work for you.

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    Start with a chat

    Let Selma get to know you. Sign up for free and chat for 5 minutes about your financial situation and goals.

    Get started for free
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    A tailored investment plan

    Everyone is different! Your investments should reflect that. Based on your chat, Selma creates a globally diversified portfolio that is tailored to you.

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    Combine your investments and pillar 3a

    With both accounts in one place you are well prepared for a great financial future.

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    Enjoy investing on autopilot for years to come

    Start investing and lay back. Simply set up a monthly transfer, Selma takes care of the rest and keeps your investments in perfect balance with your life and the financial market.

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    New: AI-powered financial advice

    With the support of AI, Selma guides you through your financial journey, providing helpful tips, analyses, and answers to your questions along the way. The Selma AI feature is available in Selma's mobile app for iOS and Android.

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Our customers


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Put your money to work for you

An investment needs time to grow, so the longer your money is in the market, the more chances you have to grow your investments. Invest for the long run and take full advantage of the benefit of compounding interest.

Common account180.000 CHF
Investing account558.000 CHF
Monthly deposit of 500 CHF
Graph representing the growing of your savings across the years.

Chart is a hypothetical comparison and shows you the development of your investments with an average return of 7% per year. Investing comes always with the risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed. Learn more in our FAQs.

Selma is the perfect solution for you if ...

Our goal is to make investing easy and transparent.

  • You want to invest for the long run

    At Selma, we recommend an investment horizon of +10 years, allowing your investments the time they need to mature and weather market fluctuations.

  • You want to invest in a in a diversified portfolio

    We don’t believe in stock picking. With Selma you will invest in globally diversified portfolio that is tailored to your unique situation.

  • You want to invest regularly without an effort

    Invest parts of your salary every month, quarterly or every now and then. Simply set up a standing order and Selma takes care of the rest without extra costs.

  • You value transparency and independence

    Selma operates as an independent digital asset manager, which means we prioritise your interests. There are no hidden fees or kickbacks.

  • You are looking for a digital and secure solution

    The security of your data is important. Your data is treated with utmost care, stored in highly secure data centers and always encrypted in-flight.

Download the Selma mobile app

Take your digital financial assistant with you wherever you go and check how your investments are doing from anywhere.

Questions you may have

Can I withdraw money or close my account at any time?

Yes! You can withdraw money or close your account at any point. Note that selling your investments and transferring the money to your account at another bank can take up to one week. Withdrawing money or closing your account is included in Selma's fee and doesn't cause additional costs.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Visit Selma's FAQs or reach out to our team of experts via live chat.

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