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Earn 34 CHF for each invite

Grow your investments by inviting your friends to Selma! For each friend that starts investing you earn 34 CHF – that’s Selma’s fee on 5’000 CHF for 12 months.

Refer and earn

How it works

Help your friends get their finances in order and earn a bonus for you both.

  • Start investing

    Start investing

    Open your personal investment account and start with a minimum of 2’000 CHF.

  • Invite your friend

    Invite your friend

    Share your link or code and give your friends a head start into investing with a 34 CHF bonus.

  • Keep growing

    Keep growing

    Each friend who starts with Selma will earn you 34 CHF. Pretty good return, don’t you think?

Join Selma together

Invite your friends to take care about their financial future and grow your investments.

Your personal financial assistant for one monthly fee.

Get relevant and personalised advice throughout your time of investing with Selma.

  • Learn what to do with your savings

    Selma looks at your financial big picture and recommends how much money to invest and chooses an investment plan for you.

  • Rely on Selma to watch over your money

    Selma keeps an eye on financial markets and buys, sells and manages your investments for you.

  • Keep an overview of your costs

    One transparent monthly fee to manage your investments.

  • Get clarity when tax season comes around

    Selma provides you with a yearly tax report which allows you to correctly tax your investments with ease.

  • 4.8 star review

  • Best Swiss startup in 2019

    Geneva Wealth Tech Award

  • 4.8 star review

  • 4.8/5 score in 2020

    Finanz-Innovator Preis

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