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Make sure you can afford stuff in the future. Get an investment plan for pillar 3a to make sure your money grows with you.

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Make sure your pillar 3a investments fit your life.
  • Start in minutes

    Chat with Selma to get a personalised plan for your financial situation. Tell her about your finances, plans, existing investments and thoughts about risk! Selma recommends one of six pillar 3a investment strategies for you and shows the strategies' expected returns. Based on this information you can then freely choose which strategy your pillar 3a should follow and open your account online!

  • Get advice along the way

    You’ll be investing a long time for your pension. With Selma you have an assistant who makes sure you’re on the right track over years and decades to come. Any time a bigger life change happens, update your investor profile at Selma. Selma and her human support will then check if your strategy should get an update. Whenever you would like to change the strategy yourself or get advice on financial matters, simply reach out to Selma's crew of finance and pension experts.

  • Save on taxes right away

    Each year you get to deduct your pillar 3a contributions from your taxable income – and you don’t pay interest tax. You also get a free pillar 3a payment confirmation each year which you can use to get your taxes in order.

  • Do good with sustainable investments

    All products in Selma’s pillar 3a plans adhere to certain sustainability standards. They were chosen to deliver the same or better expected return and come with the same risk level as alternatives that might not follow sustainability criteria.

Why should I get pillar 3a?

Pillar 3a is a Swiss, tax-friendly way to put money away for retirement. It is the most important solution to make sure you can afford things once you retire.

  • Up to 97% in stocks

    High percentage of stocks in a plan means a higher expected return – if your financial life allows for ups and downs, Selma will recommend a high stocks plan.

  • Start with 500 CHF

    Get a full global investment plan for as little as 500 CHF.

  • Reliable pension partner

    VZ Vermögenszentrum is Selma’s partner for your pillar 3a investments.

  • Secure bank account

    Your pillar 3a savings will be safe on an account under your name at Selma’s pension partner.

  • Low cost investments

    VZ Vermögenszentrum is constantly refining the choice of investment products to keep costs low and return high.

  • Combined investments

    At Selma you pay less as your wealth grows – across your investments and pillar 3a contributions.

  • Move your pillar 3a freely

    Move to or from another pillar 3a investment provider for free.

  • Move pillar 3a freely

    Move to or from another pillar 3a investment provider for free.

  • Selma crew support

    Ping the Selma crew via live chat with any question.

Put your money to work for you

An investment needs time to grow, so the longer your money is in the market, the more chances you have to grow your investments. Invest for the long run and take full advantage of the benefit of compounding interest.

Common account180.000 CHF
Investing account558.000 CHF
Monthly deposit of 500 CHF
Graph representing the growing of your savings across the years.

Chart is a hypothetical comparison and shows you the development of your investments with an average return of 7% per year. Investing comes always with the risk of loss and performance is not guaranteed. Learn more in our FAQs.

Selma's pension expert

Selma joined forces with VZ Vorsorgestiftung, Switzerland’s established expert in pension and tax matters to develop an affordable solution.

Questions you may have

How can I get my pillar 3a account?

Chat with Selma to learn more about your finances and get a recommended pillar 3a plan. Browse through the plans and decide on which one you'd like your pillar 3a to follow. Then you simply sign the pension agreement and upload it to the service. Once your account is set up, you add money to start investing.

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Our team of experts will help with your questions via live chat or visit our FAQs.

Visit our FAQs

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